Replacing the floor in your kitchen? While tile or vinyl could be common options, wood flooring for your kitchen is also a wonderful alternative. Determine the basics of hardwood floors for the kitchen, and update this active hub of your home.

Is Wood Flooring Great For Your Kitchen?

Most people understand that timber flooring doesn't mix well with moisture. And since there's a good deal of moisture and water in your kitchen, why put in a hardwood flooring? In fact, the right type of wood flooring may stand up nicely to the traffic and conditions of even the busiest kitchen. How? Having a quality acrylic-impregnated complete, your wood flooring can resist normal wear and tear and provide years of dependable performance. Pick wood flooring for your kitchen based on the following characteristics:

  • End -- select water-based finishes where potential, since they offer better protection and consistent colour, even after years of usage in high traffic areas. Oil-based finishes fade and can become rather splotchy with wear and might have to be re-oiled.
  • Satin to Gloss -- wood floors come in a vast range of sheen, from the duller satin styles to a polished gloss. Wise architects and designers decide on a satin floor in the kitchen, since this level of sheen easily hides dirt and debris and delivers decades of trouble-free performance.
  • Species -- specific types of wood species are far better to get a kitchen floor, including tough domestics such as walnut, cherry and oak and strong exotics like Asian Walnut and freshwater Teak. Softer species tend to dent easily, not something that you want to address in a busy family kitchen.

Maintenance for Your Kitchen Flooring

Using hardwood floors in the kitchen can change your cleaning methods. Solid hardwood and engineered timber flooring will need to be wiped up on a regular basis; wash any spills immediately with a soft rag. Furthermore, make sure to follow the manufacturer's direction for upkeep. Protect the finish and also prolong the life span of your kitchen floor using approved products and mentioned methods. Dry mops and non-abrasive brooms will become significant tools in your toolbox, along with a daily swipe will help to keep your floors looking its finest.

Design Factors

Make sure you consider other wood attributes when choosing hardwood floors for your kitchen. You would like the trim, furniture and cabinetry to fit nicely with your preferred hardwood flooring, creating a clean and appealing appearance within this hectic room. Consider the end, grain design and plank dimensions. Your hardwood floors retailer provides a extensive choice of excellent hardwood floors which work with your current kitchen or the attributes contained on your own kitchen renovation. The perfect alternative for hardwood floors in your kitchen unites complete, sheen, species and borders, together with meticulous upkeep and a general eye to your room's layout. Pick well and this floor provides decades of reliable attractiveness in the heart of your property.


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